…And How We Work.

As you might realise, we’re not a huge company.

Which is good as it means that we don’t have massive overheads.

Typically we work with former marketing colleagues who are now self-employed consultants like us.

Together we can provide a cohesive overview of your campaign and drill down into the areas that need most attention.

Then we produce a strategy document, a masterplan if you like, of what your campaign should look like.

Because even if every single person who reads it disagrees with every word we write, in our experience it’s invaluable because it kick-starts a discussion that has not yet taken place.

So whether you need help with Casting, Dubbing, Marketing plans, Media schedules, Budgets, Delivery schedules, International Censorship, Publicity events, PR strategy, Awards campaigns, or any of the other myriad areas we touch upon, we can deploy the right person to help.

As we said, our job is to produce your campaign.

And it all starts with a plan.