dw_animationJeffrey Katzenberg, CEO Dreamworks Animation: Peter Dunne is a man of many talents. He combines ultimate professionalism and a bank of global media knowledge with the most personable wit and charm. He has worked for me for nearly a decade as my international publicity liaison and carries out every function with a calm authority. In truth, Peter is the best, an exceptionally polished professional whose strategic guidance and advice I have sought and trusted from Day One. He is also immense fun to have around and has become a good friend, too.
laika Gary Raksis, CFO, LAIKA Inc., ParaNorman / The Boxtrolls:  We started working with Electric Media (as they now are) in mid-2011, 15 months before the release of our second feature film, ParaNorman.  As well as being passionate about our movies, they focus a great deal of international expertise on areas we don’t have time to consider.  They have been on board our new film, “The Boxtrolls” from day one, which has enabled them to highlight great solutions and has allowed them to be instrumental in creating the strategy for the movie across consumer products, as well as marketing and distribution.  On their advice we held a presentation in London in November 2012 which directly contributed to a world-renowned brand supporting the theatrical release.   Moreover, that partnership will itself help to attract the attention of other CP partners who will know that their investment is likely to be secure.

illuminationNatalie Fischer, COO, Illumination Entertainment: Despicable Me 2Peter joined the international team for “Despicable Me 2” in December 2012, ahead of the film’s release in the summer of 2013.  We found in Peter a partner with both depth and breadth of international marketing experience.  The job required not only high levels of motivation but also great sensitivity.  Peter was able to work collaboratively with our valued distribution partners at Universal, while coming up with great creative strategies for pushing the envelope.

relativityTucker Tooley, President, Relativity Media LLC: Haywire / Mirror, Mirror / Immortals: Peter’s team brought an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the international marketplace to our expanding operation. They helped ensure we understood and catered for the widely differing needs of our international partners, in terms of developing marketing and distribution strategies, creative materials, and publicity & promotional opportunities. Ensuring our distributors were provided with the most appropriate, effective tools to maximise the local potential of our movies in each country., and then reviewing and analysing the distribution, marketing, publicity, media plans and P&A spends, from each market, to ensure they were delivering the most effective campaigns possible, and protecting our full revenue potential.

studiocanalRodolphe Buet, Former EVP International Distribution & Marketing, Studio Canal: Samy’s Great Adventure: With “Paddington”, “Shaun the Sheep” and “The House of Magic”, Family Entertainment is today one of the pillars of StudioCanal’s production strategy. Five years ago we started from scratch with “Samy´s Great Adventures” without any experience of international markets or Marketing expertise, but with Peter on board we moved within a few months from League 1 to the Champions League. Our distributors and partners really understood that “Samy” was not a “Coup” or a one-off but that we were looking for excellence, that we wanted to implement a long-term vision and expertise. The strategy was this: save time, speed up the learning curve — it often makes a difference, – and it worked: we created  thanks to Peter one of the most successful non -US Studio Kids’ franchises –

DW-studios Jonathan Chissick, former Head of Dreamworks International: Peter Dunne worked for me for six years while I was head of Dreamworks International in London. His first role was as my head of International Publicity; his second role was as an international consultant on our films. Throughout that time and in both these roles he showed himself to be an utmost professional in the arena of PR and publicity, but beyond that, he understood that the real key to this whole game was in the communications and the strategy. He never let a relationship fail because of miscommunication; he knew that if you kept to your core strategy and kept on communicating it clearly to your audience, to your partners, to your colleagues and your media, that eventually they would understand it and adopt it. Peter understands that nuance can be as powerful as a sledgehammer when it comes to getting the message across, and he is adept at using both.

Gerry Lewis, International Representative to Steven Spielberg: This is Peter Dunne:  Unerring judgement, extraordinary good taste, worldwide expertise, tact, diplomacy, unshakeable calm, great good humour and the capacity to entertain a dinner table with a flow of anecdotes that some might call Irish blarney.  If that’s not enough, he makes friends and very rarely alienates.  High-grade professionalism is at the heart of all this.  He takes on a job, he does it.  Hyperbole?  Not at all.  – 

Sarah Nuttall, Inside Pictures: Peter, with his 20 years of experience in public relations, is undoubtedly one of the leading specialists in his field and we feel privileged that he gives so much of his time and expertise on a pro bono basis to the Programme. He is a top class communicator with a warm and engaging style and scores very highly with the participants.

qwertyJill Tandy, Qwerty Films: Qwerty Films engaged Peter to oversee the international sales, distribution and marketing of specific movies produced by third parties. Peter has unparalleled international experience across movie release strategies and campaigns of all sizes. This, coupled with his great powers of diplomacy, meant that he was respected by third party distributors and sales agents and was therefore highly effective in protecting our interests and adding value to the process .He is a true professional.

gruberRichard Holmes, Film Producer: Peter provides a unique service for us. He’s got cast-iron skills, contacts and experience in the international film business. But he’s also sensitive to the corporate opportunities, threats and unintended consequences hidden in any announcement. Add to that his proven ability to manage relationships with wit and dignity and you’ve got the complete package. Top notch.